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Keyword Screen hints
  • Use AND to narrow your search. The catalog finds only those documents that contain both the first AND the second search terms
  • Use OR to broaden your search. The catalog finds all documents that contain the first search term OR the second search term OR both
  • Use NOT to restrict your search. The catalog finds all documents that contain the first search term, but NOT the second.
  • Use wildcard symbols to get multiple forms of a word or if you are unsure of the spelling. An asterisk (*) will be replaced by one or more letters. For example femini* would retrieve feminism, feminist, feminine, etc. A question mark (?) will be replaced by one letter. For example wom?n would retrieve woman and women.

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Not all the filters will work with the browse searches.
Browse Screen hints
  • For an Author search, type the author's last name (followed by first name if you know it)
  • In title searches, do not include initial articles (the, a, ha-, etc)
  • Subject searches need to be in the same order that they appear in the record. If you are not sure of the subject term, use they keyword search instead.
  • For more hints, click on the "help" button in the green strip above.

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